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Mentoring Program

Middle & High School

JHOSI Mentoring Program  

Our "Heart to Succeed Mentoring and Leadership Development Program”  focuses on empowering youth and young adult~ both male and female through group mentoring, prevention, opportunities, education and life leadership skills design to build self-esteem and character for life-long success.

JHOSI BE KIND Ambassador Program  

JHOSI BE KIND Ambassador Program  

teaches youth and young adults about activism, leadership and community organizing. 

Focus areas: 

Gun Violence Prevention  

Violence Prevention Education

Youth Mental Health

Teen Underage Drinking

Social Justice 

The program offers many opportunities for youth and young adults to give their time and talent to improve their communities and the world. 

Health & Wellness

The goal of the program is to provide and cover all 

Five dimensions of wellness:

Emotional, Social, Spiritual, Physical, Educational. 

We have a AHA Certified Instructor who teaches AHA BLS and HS courses:

(CPR & First Aid Certification available).

Grief  And Support Services

Educate and Empower individuals who want positive change and guide them to reach goals they have or identify new aspirations as they learn to love life again after a tragic loss.


STEM is an educational approach to learning that uses:

(Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). Children are our future: “Innovators, Educators, Leaders, and Learners” of the 21st century!

STEM allows individuals to connect their learning in these critical areas together with arts practices, elements, and design principles. This year we also have included Coding into our STEM Literacy program. 

The Red Ribbon Campaign

The campaign is designed to create awareness concerning the problems related to the use of tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs and to support the decision to live a drug-free lifestyle. Red Ribbon week is October 23rd - 31st.

Our goal is to provide opportunity to strengthen Anti-Drug Efforts and bring awareness to youth and young adults all year long. 

For more information click on the resource links below:

Jared's Financial Literacy Program 

Jared's Financial Literacy series for families and youth/young adults.

The program is set to provide workshops to participants through interactive demonstration and active participation within small group of parents and/or children. Our goal is for each participant to adopt or modify their financial behavior upon completion of a workshop or completing the Financial Literary Series.

The series is divided into four quarters:

(January) 1st Quarter- Financial freedom with better money habits

(April) 2nd Quarter- Spending wisely and saving more.

(July) 3rd Quarter- Helping families save money.

(October) 4th Quarter - Money Talks (Budgeting and Investing) Early.

Click here to review Practical Money Skills

Click here to review What's My Score

Upcoming Financial Literacy  Sessions

Location and Dates will be announced ~ Once registration opens



Financial Literacy~  




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