Jared's Heart of Success Inc

Group Violence and Trauma Crisis Intervention

Jared’s Heart of Success Inc. is dedicated to advocating for gun violence prevention through education and youth empowerment.

In Loving Memory of Jared L. Brown 7/29/1991 - 7/11/2015

In an act of senseless gun violence, Jared L. Brown’s life was taken by a stray bullet on July 11, 2015. Jared’s Heart of Success Inc. (JHOSI) is a community outreach organization in Georgia and South Carolina educating and empowering youth through Gun Violence and Group Violence Intervention. 

The Impacts of Gun Violence

One in every two Americans is impacted by gun violence in their lifetime. Every year nearly 40,000 Americans are killed by gun violence leading to over 100 deaths a day.  Over the past decade gun violence deaths increased by over 20%.

Gun violence is any violence commited by the use of a gun including suicide, homicide, police shootings, unitentional deaths, and unknown causes. Unintentional firearm death rates are highest among Black Americans and American Indian/Alaska Natives. Nearly one-quarter of all unintentional firearm deaths are 0-19 years old.

Our Mission

JHOSI’s mission is to educate and empower individuals with the knowledge and tools to save lives by reducing Gun and Group Violence. We are dedicated to “Making a difference in the lives of others”.

Mission Statement


Jared’s Heart of Success is a great mentoring program. Mrs. Sharmaine provides a loving and supportive environment that teens can gain self esteem and confidence while learning life skills such as financial literacy, STEM learning and avoiding peer pressure related to risky behaviors. The teens learn to love themselves, be supportive to others and give back to community through volunteerism. I can’t say enough of how this program has allowed my daughter to blossom that I have brought three more young ladies to program to improve their self esteem and sense of self.

Honoring the memory of a loved one while serving the community makes Jareds Heart of Success an integral organization notably, through the youth programs and advocacy for safe spaces.

Black teen with glassesWhat an awesome youth centered organization. As a mentee I have become a better leader and been given amazing opportunities. The community outreach is one way they bring together people and spread a non violence message. A great group!

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