YIP Youth Innovators &

Heart to Succeed Mentoring and Leadership Development Program

JHOSI Youth Innovators Program (YIP) is an entrepreneurial training program that provides our mentees with tools and resources needed to be social entrepreneurs for causes they are passionate about.

Our mentees will participate in workshops lead by industry experts with engagement activities designed to teach skills needed to assist with launching social impact projects, awareness campaigns and/or nonprofit organizations.

Our "Heart to Succeed Mentoring and Leadership Development Program” focuses on empowering youth and young adult~ both male and female through group mentoring, prevention, opportunities, education and life leadership skills design to build self-esteem and character.

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JHOSI Be Kind SAVE Promise Club is a place for young people to show their leadership, creativity and passion for protecting their friends, schools and communities from violence BEFORE, it happens.

JHOSI SAVE Promise Club accepting new members 

for more information please call 678-643-2292

  JHOSI SAVE Promise Club